Book a Reading

Insight from the comfort of your home - or wherever you are!

My clients approach me with questions about what's important to them - such as relationships, career, or major decisions. Some approach me with topics more spiritual (or "woo") in nature like asking me to share messages from their spirit guides.

I use Zoom for my online video sessions. Once the reading is done, you will have access to the audio and video recording of our time together - that way you can  go back and review what we discussed should you need to!

The Walkthrough

15-Minute Session

During this quick session we gain general insight about your situation. Either choose a topic or ask the Universe what you need to know.


The Main Quest

25-Minute Session

More time means we can delve deeper! Together, we identify potential influences, obstacles, opportunities, and outcomes in your situation.


All the Side Quests

50-Minute Session

Let's explore! We can examine multiple topics or seek deeper guidance on a single issue. Leave feeling empowered to take action in your life.